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The Hanson

232-1403-9899126 | The Hanson

A celebration of Irish grain, The Hanson is the first blended grain Irish Whiskey ever created, and the perfect way for us to showcase the richness of grain casks in our flavor library. Developed specifically with the Highball in mind, to make the Hanson we selected 4 - 11 year old grain whiskeys from multiple Irish distilleries and blended to bring out notes of citrus fruits and spice. The Hanson is named after J.J. Corry’s son in law who was the local whiskey tax collector in town.

Flavor Notes:
Bright and approachable, The Hanson has waves of vanilla fudge and toasted coconut on the nose, with top notes of griddled pineapple and lime. Fresh on the palate, green apples and lemongrass give way to a zingy mineralic finish. 

Serving Suggestion: This expression makes for easy drinking neat or mixed but was specially developed with the Highball in mind - just add ice and a soda with some citrus for a refreshing, elevated highball for a long, sunny afternoon. Pairs great with BBQ!

Aged 4-11 Years 750Ml 46% ABV / 92  Proof

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